Become #1 In Your Market With
The Core Story Bootcamp Course


  • The science of resetting buying criteria in your favor so you no longer compete on price
  • Positioning you so strongly that you’re the only option in your market
  • How to avoid wasting hours, months, years creating content or education without generating sales
  • How to get people’s attention who aren’t even thinking about you
  • How to breakthrough the clutter factor using market data and how to find market data
  • Combine market data and story to have them begging to work with you
  • How to keep your prospect’s attention until they buy
  • How to craft the most efficient and logical story line that leads directly to the sale
  • Become the one logical conclusion for your prospects and nobody else
  • How to grab the full Buyer’s Pyramid in 5 seconds or less
  • How to sell your education so well that your prospect’s mouth is watering they want it so bad
  • Bringing it all together creating the Ultimate Strategic Positioning for your Company




BONUS: 4 LIVE Sessions in
The Ultimate Sales Machine DOJO

  • One hour a week of live workshop through our best selling Ultimate Sales Machine - in masterful, entertaining, and lively detail.
    (You've never had this much fun growing your business)
  • Workbook filled with examples CHI is using RIGHT NOW - Utilize your workbook week after week to get the results you're looking to implement.
  • Train alongside likeminded businesses leaders all doing the same thing to outsmart their competition.


If you've read "The Ultimate Sales Machine" book OR bought any of our materials before, you'll love this new evolution of our timeless strategies! 

The scripts, the templates, we even give Canva designs for you to post immediately to put these strategies in action! 

If you're new to our world, you'll get ramped up FAST!

Testimonials From Past Bootcamp Attendees

"This bootcamp pulled me from a slump to a raging heater in two weeks! It paid for itself within the first week!" 
Pablo Gonzalez

"We generated 8 million dollars using Core Story messaging to our Dream 100."
Troy Aberle

"I love being part of this bootcamp and having my entire team with me."
Kelly Bosetti CEA Marketing

($1200 discount, normally $2,497)

What Most Online Courses Would NEVER Want You to Know

Have you ever bought a course or an online training and never finished it?

You're not alone.

Only 4% of people who purchase an online course actually complete it.
You can imagine our shock when we found out how small a number that is.

Beyond just completing, that leaves an extremely small amount of people who can actually IMPLEMENT what they learned. 

We wanted to avoid these embarrassingly low adoption rates. 

So we created a new way to teach our timeless methods, and the results were astounding. 

We surveyed our past Core Story Bootcamp attendees and here was the data of their results: 

Not only are we getting 10X the engagement, we're tracking their RESULTS!


It's one thing to say we've created a practical, results oriented, training, and it's another to show the actual data!
​Please take note, these results are only based on the survey which happened after the first 30 days. 

Many of participants have much longer sales cycles than just 30 days. If we polled participants 90 days later results would be even higher.

Regardless, the numbers are ASTONISHING in comparison to every other course on the market.

This is not a course, this is an interactive, live, transformational experience for your lead generation and sales execution.
A preview into why this works...
Regardless of your product or service, if you lead your marketing and sales efforts by talking about you, your product or your service, you’re only reaching 3% of your potential marketing and leaving 97% on the table.      

If you break down the buyers pyramid, 6-7% of your market is open to buying what you offer, but not currently looking, while the other 90% are divided into three nearly equal categories:
  • Not really thinking about it right now.
  • Thinking they’re not interested (but they might be if you did a good job at presenting to them).
  • They KNOW they’re not interested.
We are at war for the attention of our buyers. We're throwing more money at marketing every year. And yet, 64% of consumers find ads to be intrusive and annoying while 97% of prospects feel sales people are too pushy. 

So how do you avoid getting lost in all that competitive clutter? Most companies waste 90% of their time and energy only talking about themselves. The most effective solutions are about beating your competition with your brain, not your wallet.

Modern discoveries in psychology and cognitive neuroscience reveal that stories are fundamental to human cognition. Simply put, people think in stories. But the power of story can only be turbocharged by the support of solid research. The fact is, our culture is dominated by an utter faith in the power of science.
That means, when you back your story with professional research and data, your message instantly gains immense legitimacy and authority. Unfortunately, most companies fail to tell the right story… And they don’t know how to utilize market research.

The Core Story Method connects compelling FACTS with EMOTIONS into a story that grabs attention and resets buying criteria, leading prospects to a logical conclusion to work with you and you alone. This bootcamp will teach you the foundation of Core Story from strategy to tactical application so you can set yourself up as the number one choice in your market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be teaching the sessions
Amanda Holmes with guest teachers from Chet Holmes’ personal rolodex. The best implementers of Ultimate Sales Machine material.

Who is this for
Strategy is always best implemented from the top down. CEOs are the best place to start. However, it will also serve if CEOs want their marketing department, sales leaders, or top salespeople to join the training. We’re here to close the gap between marketing and sales to create clearer messaging and strategies that markets and sell your products/services more efficiently. 
When will I get access to the bootcamp?
As soon as your order is processed.
Have any questions?
Contact us at

Money Back Guarantee. 

If you’ve been through two of the five sessions and you don’t think you’ve gotten value, get your money back.


A portion of proceeds will go to assisting with mental and physical health 501c3 non profit Divine Bliss International which has centers around the world giving space for people to learn effective meditation techniques, community garden activities, free vegetarian meals, and a worldwide community for people to feel safe to be their true selves.

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