The Elevated Dream 100 Bootcamp

The Dream 100 concept has doubled sales for more companies than any other!

Build your Dream 100 Campaign in a 5 Day Bootcamp!

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Double Your Sales In The Next 12 Months With The Dream 100 Bootcamp

The Dream 100 strategy has doubled the sales for more businesses than any other!

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Here's What You'll Learn

  • The one strategy that has doubled more sales than any other, (and it won't cost you a dime to implement)
  • ​Low cost, high-reward method for gaining new clients
  • The nitty gritty of getting the BEST clients. Step by step. 
  • How to win 7x more prospects using social selling
  • ​How to lock out your competitors even if they offer at a lower price
  • How to triple your closing ratio from tire kickers to buyers
  • ​Reframe your approach to attract your prospect’s attention instead of repelling it
  • ​Stop wasting time on “content” and instead create sales-generating conversations
  • ​Ultimately, Book more appointments and win more sales!


(The new edition of the book "The Ultimate Sales Machine" is coming out in 2022! This bootcamp is inspired by the new edition, made to assist you for the next 10 years or more!)

  • If you've bought our training before, you'll fall in love with this! 
  • ​It's all the proven strategies that have worked on phone, in faxes, re-imagined for the modern online world of social media and more. 
  • ​You'll learn how to analyze your own data to find prospects you didn't even know you had within reach 
  • ​You'll learn about simple-to-use apps to boost your results 
  • ​Social Selling techniques that will blast your cold calling out of the park. 
  • ​When only 5% of phone calls are picked up today, and yet 95% of text messages are responded to within 3 minutes, it's time to learn how to capitalize via text for greater success.
  • ​When 97% of your prospects find salespeople too pushy, learn simple tricks to win them as raving fans who promote you wherever they go!
  • ​Get templates from other case study clients that have doubled sales 
  • ​BONUS: The encore Chet never got to give. How he generated more wealth in 6 months than the previous 8 years combined. -How to Live a Rich and Full Life.


A preview into where this came from...
The Dream 100

What would it mean to your company and career if you could double sales in one year?
Master the one concept that has doubled the sales of more companies than any other. 

When Chet Holmes first started working for Billionaire Charlie Munger (co-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway) he was given a list of 2,200 prospects. After analyzing his list he realized that 95% of his market was purchased by only 167 clients. 

So he invented the Dream 100 strategy where he led an intensive effort just to the 167 clients. This concept helped him double 9 different divisions for Charlie Munger, all within 12 months, and multiple of them several years consecutively! 
The Dream Buyer Strategy is the fastest, least expensive way to double sales because... 
"Compared to all potential buyers, there is always a much smaller number of ideal buyers. So ideal buyers are cheaper to market to and yet bring much greater rewards."

"I liked being able to give feedback for the areas that I felt I had expertise and could help and getting feedback in areas where I need it." ~ Attendee

Testimonials From Past Bootcamp Attendees

"This bootcamp pulled me from a slump to a raging heater in two weeks! It paid for itself within the first week!" 
Pablo Gonzalez

"We generated 8 million dollars using Core Story messaging to our Dream 100."
Troy Aberle

"I love being part of this bootcamp and having my entire team with me."
Kelly Bosetti CEA Marketing

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United States

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Atlanta, Atlantic City, Albuquerque, Branson, Boston, Chicago, Cape Cod, Charleston, Colorado Springs, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Galvestone, Grand Canyon National Park, Hot Springs, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Ocean City, Phoenix, Palm Springs, San Antonio, San Diego, Virginia Beach, Yosemite, Orlando, Lake Tahoe,


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International Destinations Galore

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Bali, Koh Samui, Fiji, Hawaii, 
Punta Cana, Paris, Santorini, 
London, Rome, Whistler

New Zealand

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Dunedin, Marlborough, Rotorua
Wellington, Christchurch, Bay of Plenty
Note: Travel not included & taxes & booking fees are applicable – also Terms & Conditions apply.

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Testimonials From Past Bootcamp Attendees


for 2 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Text your questions to: 213-214-1893
Email your questions to:

Who will be teaching the sessions
Amanda Holmes with guest teachers from Chet Holmes’ personal rolodex. The best implementers of Ultimate Sales Machine material.

Who is this for
Strategy is always best implemented from the top down. CEOs are the best place to start. However, it will also serve if CEOs want their marketing department, sales leaders, or top salespeople to join the training. We’re here to close the gap between marketing and sales to create clearer messaging and strategies that markets and sell your products/services more efficiently. 
What is the timing of the live sessions
We've run this training for 9 different time zones around the world, the best times are Cohort A will be at 12-2pm EST and Cohort B will be from 7-9pm EST. 

Building of the Dream 100 campaign will be four consecutive days of 2 hours a day, Monday April 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th. Then depending on the votes of the group for which day of the week, there will be three one hour sessions that happen the same day at two different times. This will be more practical application of actually reaching out to your Dream prospects during the group training session.

Even MORE Testimonials From Previous Group Trainings

"This bootcamp paid for itself within the first week! The Core Story Bootcamp pulled me from a slump to a raging heater in two weeks." ~ Pablo Gonzalez

Money Back Guarantee. 

If you’ve been through two of the four sessions and you don’t think you’ve gotten value, get your money back.


A portion of proceeds will go to assisting with mental and physical health 501c3 non profit Divine Bliss International which has centers around the world giving space for people to learn effective meditation techniques, community garden activities, free vegetarian meals, and a worldwide community for people to feel safe to be their true selves.

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