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  • How to get 9x more buyers with the same efforts you're already making 
  • How to lock out your competitors even if they offer at a lower price
  • How to triple your closing ratio from tire kickers to buyers
  • ​How to find compelling market data to set you and your company as experts in your field
  • ​Reframe your approach to attract your prospect’s attention instead of repelling it
  • ​Stop wasting time on “content” and instead create sales-generating material
  • ​How to deploy a Core Story into your business to double your sales in the next 12 months
  • ​Ultimately, Book more appointments and win more sales!


(The new edition of the book "The Ultimate Sales Machine" is coming out in 2022! This bootcamp is your sneak peak into what'll be in the new edition, adapted into a live Q&A group training!)

  • Half of content online is considered useless today, and when your prospects see bad content it decreases the likelihood of a sale by ​40%. Learn the 5 biggest mistakes companies are making and one simple formula to help you generate more sales.
  • ​Get templates and training on how to master the highest ROI generating marketing strategy that majority of businesses underutilize. (The average ROI is 42x for every dollar spent!)
  • ​How to utilize the power of market data and story to become number one in your industry with the (never before released) Core Story Framework.
  • ​When 97% of your prospects find salespeople too pushy, learn simple tricks to win them as raving fans who promote you wherever they go!
  • ​How to get 9x greater impact from your website, your social media, your digital presence, your PR, your trade shows, and much more.
  • ​BONUS: The encore Chet never got to give. How he generated more wealth in 6 months than the previous 8 years combined. -How to Live a Rich and Full Life.
  • 4 TRAINING SESSIONS for 2 HOURS over 30 Day Bootcamp
A preview into why this works...
Regardless of your product or service, if you lead your marketing and sales efforts by talking about you, your product or your service, you’re only reaching 3% of your potential marketing and leaving 97% on the table.      

If you break down the buyers pyramid, 6-7% of your market is open to buying what you offer, but not currently looking, while the other 90% are divided into three nearly equal categories:
  • Not really thinking about it right now.
  • Thinking they’re not interested (but they might be if you did a good job at presenting to them).
  • They KNOW they’re not interested.
We are at war for the attention of our buyers. We're throwing more money at marketing every year. And yet, 64% of consumers find ads to be intrusive and annoying while 97% of prospects feel sales people are too pushy. 

So how do you avoid getting lost in all that competitive clutter? Most companies waste 90% of their time and energy only talking about themselves. The most effective solutions are about beating your competition with your brain, not your wallet.

Modern discoveries in psychology and cognitive neuroscience reveal that stories are fundamental to human cognition. Simply put, people think in stories. But the power of story can only be turbocharged by the support of solid research. The fact is, our culture is dominated by an utter faith in the power of science.
That means, when you back your story with professional research and data, your message instantly gains immense legitimacy and authority. Unfortunately, most companies fail to tell the right story… And they don’t know how to utilize market research.

The Core Story Method connects compelling FACTS with EMOTIONS into a story that grabs attention and resets buying criteria, leading prospects to a logical conclusion to work with you and you alone. This bootcamp will teach you the foundation of Core Story from strategy to tactical application so you can set yourself up as the number one choice in your market.

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  •  The Chet Holmes Institute -$695 - Learn the 12 Core Strategies to double your sales.
  • The Fireside Chats -$197
  • ​Core Story Elite Library -$197
  • The Dream 100 Adapted Course -$495 - an intensive step by step process to figure out exactly how to win your better buyers 

Money Back Guarantee. 

If you’ve been through two of the four sessions and you don’t think you’ve gotten value, get your money back.


A portion of proceeds will go to assisting with mental and physical health 501c3 non profit Divine Bliss International which has centers around the world giving space for people to learn effective meditation techniques, community garden activities, free vegetarian meals, and a worldwide community for people to feel safe to be their true selves.
Be one of the first 20 to sign up and your name will placed in the new edition!!!!
Be one of the first 20 to sign up and YOUR NAME will be printed at the back of the new edition of The Ultimate Sales Machine!

The Core Story Bootcamp is based on the new edition of "The Ultimate Sales Machine" scheduled for release in Q3 of 2022. HIs book has been voted in the top 10 most recommended sales books of all time! Printed in 13 languages, this proven strategy works! What was missing from the book we added to this course! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be teaching the sessions
Amanda Holmes with guest teachers from Chet Holmes’ personal rolodex. The best implementers of Ultimate Sales Machine material.

Who is this for
Strategy is always best implemented from the top down. CEOs are the best place to start. However, it will also serve if CEOs want their marketing department, sales leaders, or top salespeople to join the training. We’re here to close the gap between marketing and sales to create clearer messaging and strategies that markets and sell your products/services more efficiently. 
What is the timing of the live sessions
Schedule will be determined based on the availability of the group. Live sessions will allow for time for Q&A, all session recordings will be available after. Based on number of attendees there is possibility that the group will split into two leaving two possible times available to show up to the live sessions.

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