Triple Your Sales Conversions 
in a 3 Day Free Challenge

Attention Business Owners! Want to 3x your sales without working 3x more hours? Join the 3x3 Challenge to discover a new evolution of a timeless strategy!

TRIPLE Your SALES Conversions in a
3 Days Free Challenge

Attention Business Owners! Want to 3x your sales without working 3x more hours? Join the 3x3 Challenge to discover the new evolution of a timeless strategy.

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Did you know that 95% of businesses never 
make above a million in annual sales?

It's shockingly lower than you anticipated right?

• Only .08% make it to $5 million in annual sales.
• Only .004% make it to $100 million and beyond.

Such a small percentage of businesses actually double their sales.

Why do you think that is? Would you say it’s because of your product or service?

ACTUALLY, majority of the time it is NOT your product or service that determines your sales growth.

If that were true, McDonalds wouldn’t be the highest revenue generating burger franchise in the world. 

Let’s be honest, their burgers aren’t that great.

It would be the lovable mom and pop shop on the corner that makes a much better burger.

It’s not your product or service, it’s the SKILLS it takes to grow your business.

So here’s my question to you…

Would you like to grow your sales by 300%

(I’m sure you’re nodding your head).

The question is, could you work 3x more hours to make it happen?

Majority can’t.

The good news is, you don’t have to.

Growing your business isn’t about trying 4,000 different things.

It’s about doing a few things, 4,000 times. 

But where do you focus when there are 3.8 billion social media pages online with people telling you what to focus on... 

Who can you trust?

Before you trust anyone to tell you what to do in your business, you want to ask these 5 simple questions:

1. Have they gotten personal results from the method they’re suggesting for you?

2. Do they have clients who have gotten results from it as well? Just because the “expert” has done it, doesn’t mean they know how to teach it to someone else. (And is there video testimonial of their clients talking about their results?)

3. How long has their methodology been successful? 70% of businesses fail before the 10 year mark, so make sure you avoid following people's systems that have less than 10 years experience

4. Does the system sound like they’re making your life easier or is it a whole new job with the amount of work you have to do to adopt it? 

5. Have they generated at least $100 million for their clients? Anything less than that isn’t mastery.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have, spend it on proven skills that will generate you results.

Now as you register for this Triple Your Sales Conversions Challenge, keep in mind that:

Chet Holmes created this methodology in the field himself while doubling sales for Billionaire Charlie Munger in 9 different divisions within 15 months. He then went on to break records for 60 of the Fortune 500 as clients.

★ The Ultimate Sales Machine method has now been adopted by more than a quarter-million businesses across the globe. This means that yes we know how to get results for our clients. (Regardless of what industry you’re in, this works). 

★ This system has worked for the past 30 years, twenty with it’s original founder Chet Holmes, and another decade with me, his daughter -Amanda Holmes as CEO.

★ We haven’t just generated our clients $100M, we’ve actually generated billions in sales for our clients

What you’re about to discover in this challenge is a new evolution of a proven system that has worked for decades.

Get smarter and triple your sales conversions in our complimentary 3 day challenge. 

In this challenge you will discover:

  • How to generate 3x more sales without growing your audience or spending more on ads
  • ​How to position yourself as number one in your marketplace.
  • How to train your prospects to buy from you and nobody else.
  • Quick actionable templates for you to start getting results immediately

See what other clients have accomplished in 45 days...

Pablo Gonzalez generated 55 leads within the first week!

Troy Aberle sold $8 million dollars in 6 weeks.

Johann Nogueira increased his sales conversions 1,500% within 30 days!

Why this works... The Buyer's Pyramid

You are leaving money on the table every single day due to poor messaging...

At any given time, when you market and sell only 3% of the marketplace is interested in buying, 7% are open to it, and 90% aren’t thinking about you!

Most companies only focus on the 3% that are buying now, you're going to discover how to attract the 7% that are open to it, and win them over before your competition. 

Do you have the most captivating messaging that leads them directly to you as the only choice in the marketplace and nobody else?

This isn’t about making 3x more cold calls, or spending 3x the amount on ads.

This is about converting 3x more from the leads and appointments you’re already getting so you’re getting more money from the moves you’re already making.

This program isn’t niched into one tactic that may come and go.

This is agnostic and can be applied to all of your marketing and sales efforts.

Join the Challenge & Get Access to...

Become the #1 Logical Choice In Your Market

You will learn how to reverse engineer your sales pitch so you’re the #1 logical choice.
**Templates included**

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